Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

vv0lll was created with the ambition to digitize reality, preserve human heritage, create a connection between history and the future, and spread kindness. We want to become a global technology organization, a convergence of creative elite.


Our Projects



Coming from a security expert, AK47 is a white hat hacker. He used to penetrate many large government systems, businesses, help them patch and build secure network security layers. He controls the output of all the features before it reaches the user. He is also the architect behind the system. With rehearsals as well as incident response, we are always safe with the silent contribution of AK47.


Bug Hunter

With a passion for finding new things, from technology to ideas, he does not hesitate to pose problems that no one has thought of. Not only stopping at the idea, but he also can quickly complete a prototype to demonstrate the ability to use that idea. With a powerful resource for thinking quickly and quickly, he can manage many features with the team to best suit the user.


Idea planner

Blue plays the role of someone who fixes all the vulnerabilities of the project. She is always a person with a different perspective, giving costly opinions. She is also someone who helps everyone on the team by optimizing problem-solving. From the available materials, isolate the process, arrange the work to work together more efficiently. She is also a consultant to quantify indexes, bring out specific numbers from users' opinions.



With more than ten years of experience in software developing, he is the one to solve all problems. The most challenging jobs had a solution when Billy got in. He always grasped new technologies, applied optimal methods to products. The work from ideas, product construction, interface design... all have a significant contribution from Billy. In addition to experience in product development, Billy participated in many competitions, large and small, constantly meticulously perfecting every smallest part of projects.

Billy Coyote

Fullstack Developer

In addition to high responsibility, Bobby is also a person with many experiences building products on mobile platforms. He is also a very proactive person, always grasping information, updating new technology. Having tried his hand at many large corporations, he understands product development processes.


Mobile Developer

Acting as a connector, Casey connects team members and helps connect products with users. He is also a partner seeker, completing deals, incorporating multiple third parties. With the ability to orient and set a more general perspective, he is the one who has objective opinions, helping the product to go in the right direction of development. Casey is also a professional, experienced trader, helping the project's capital flow to where it is needed and making a profit.



Not many people are as capable of working under high pressure as Clark Ken. Just purely working with the backend, he builds a solid foundation for the team to develop quickly and efficiently with the results. He is also the implementer of the infrastructure architecture from the drawings of AK47, bringing things from concept to reality. Mentioning Clark Ken refers to the peace of mind in any task assigned by him to always complete with the highest sense of responsibility.

Clark Ken

Backend Developer

Pleasing aesthetics, always bold but realistic ideas, Greg Culbert helps the user experience a new level. He is the one who catches the trends of users, gives them a familiar and convenient interface. He acts as a bridge to help users better understand the backend team's intentions through the browser. Greg Culbert has an open mindset, listening to product reviews and continually improving them.

Greg Culbert

Frontend Developer

Heisenberg is capable in many different areas. From conceptualization, a quick calculation of numbers to motivating he can take on. He also is the system operator. Heisenberg covers the entire system, knows precisely which positions or tasks are having problems, and finds ways to fix them.



Henry has an outstanding talent for fast ideas and code processing. As a person with extensive knowledge in many fields, he can quickly grasp problems, concretize them into code lines. He is not afraid to confront new problems but always looks for them and challenges himself to solve problems more effectively. Henry always knows how to renew solutions, find optimal solutions for complex problems.


Code Machine

As the intelligence of the project, James David is the one who always proposes the best algorithm for each module of the project. With a history of solving hundreds of problems on ACM-ICPC, he is a solid prop for the team having problems related to the algorithm. He can generalize mathematical formulas and optimize them to always work with the minor resources' best capacity. James also serves as a guide for all projects with its cutting-edge technologies.

James David


Although not directly embarked on building products, Monaco is indispensable in dividing the work, managing the progress, and applying the most effective frameworks for the team. His contributions to the development model, product orientation, and team performance problems are effectively undertaken. Monaco also offers costly ideas to help the team see which problems need to be solved. He is capable of exploring, proactive in work, and inspiring that all members of the team.


Project Manager
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